About GAO RFID Asset Tracking

GAO RFID Asset Tracking and management,monitor emerged as the result of the phenomenal rate of expansion of GAO Group's core RFID division — GAO RFID Inc. Soon after establishing itself as a one of world's most influential suppliers of RFID tags, readers and software, the demand for specialized RFID products and integrated solutions across several vertical sectors became the catalyst in establishing several highly-focused spin-off groups including GAO RFID Asset Tracking.

Our asset tracking group consists of experienced, talented, and industry certified engineering and sales professionals that strive to be the cause of your success. From consulting, planning, product choice, software, and support, GAO's team is able to help you craft a timely solution according to your unique requirements.

As with our parent company, GAO Asset Tracking's emphasis remains on product quality and support. It relies on a stringent process of advanced QA, a well-qualified staff, and on state-of-the-art testing equipment.

GAO RFID Asset Tracking or management will continue to provide you with exceptional off-the-shelf RFID products and services, as well as, custom crafted, innovative RFID solutions with efficiency and economy. From special frequency modulation, to customized converting and inlay designs GAO Asset Tracking provides solutions that offer value, ingenuity, and quality and customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products or solutions, or if you have been unable to locate the product and solution specific to your needs, we would be happy to receive your telephone call or inquiry.