RFID Solutions & Applications

Car Rental & Dealerships

GAO RFID systems can be used to manage inventory of automobiles in new and used car dealerships and in rental car lots.

Use GAO RFID technology to track the location of each car in the lot at any time. In addition, our advanced RFID technology can automatically check cars into and out of the lot in real time.

Benefits of using GAO RFID systems include: total visibility of all cars in the lot, facilitate just-in-time delivery of cars as they are needed, allow inventory of less popular cars to be reduced, full inventory history of cars at each location, full control of inventory content and location for cars in the facility, automatic notification when a car enters or leaves the lot, alarm when a car disappears from inventory and eliminate manual record keeping, thereby increasing accuracy and staff productivity.

A complete solution for the Car Dealerships asset tracking applications will contain three main RFID components: RFID Tags or cards, RFID Readers or interrogators, and software to collect and manage the RFID data.

The diagram below illustrates how a car lot can be monitored in real time with active RFID readers placed such that the entire auto yard is covered. Each vehicle is equipped with an active RFID tag or transponder that can be set communicate with the reader network and report on location and movement. GAO RFID Asset Tracking LocateWare software can report on actual location and also gather historic movement information.

RFID Product Solution Pyramid

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