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RFID for Document Tracking

GAO RFID Asset Tracking wants to help organizations take file tracking to another level with its suite of products. GAO's Asset Tracking RFID solution can use either HF (ISO 15693 or I CODE) or UHF tags or transponders.

Most document applications have previously focused on folder tracking. However, there is a growing demand for individual document tracking as well. New UHF technology has just become available that makes tracking thousands of individual documents a reality. The new technology brings an improvement in tag read sensitivity of up to 40%. That means that tag placement is not as critical as before. Write sensitivity has been increased more than two-fold. Interference rejection is now built in. That means the RFID tags or cards perform reliably in environments with interference created by wireless phones or fluorescent lights.

Document trays with RFID readers or interrogators can now hold as many as one hundred documents that can be read at one time. The number of documents read simultaneously can grow to the thousands just by adding more antennae in the read vicinity.

A complete solution from GAO RFID Asset Tracking for document tracking includes RFID labels or tags, one or more RFID readers and a document tracking software such as LocateWare.

The diagram below illustrates a typical example of how RFID is used for document tracking.

The document tracking solution begins with the installation of LocateWare on any PC that is connected to the office network; the PC can then be designated as the Document Server. LocateWare is a web-based application, thus it is wise to allow everyone in the office to utilize the advantage of GAOs document tracking system.

Once LocateWare is installed, the next step in completing the system is to connect the RFID reader or readers at the Check In/Out points. Next, RFID tags or transponders in the form of labels are attached to each document that is to be tracked by the document system. Such RFID labels can be supplied as a roll for easy application or the tags can be embedded into the documents. The GAO Document Tracking System has a variety of selection options for RFID tags suitable to use with LocateWare document tracking to ensure maximum performance.

The system is now ready for use. Each document to be tracked in LocateWare is registered by supplying some document information and scanning the RFID labels attached to the document via the RFID registration function in LocateWare. Once this process is completed, all the documents in LocateWares database can be easily tracked. The document tracking system can search for the location of a document or indicate who has the document checked out, and reports can be generated to determine check in and checkout dates and times etc.

User information, who is checking the document in or out, can be either manually input or the user can be issued with an RFID card that is read at the time of the transaction.

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