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Fleet Maintenance

With GAO's RFID technology, commercial, government, and private fleets can provide hands-free access to their maintenance depot. Our technology also allows them to efficiently collect, track, and report operations and maintenance data for all of their vehicles that are in the depot.

GAO RFID's hands-free technology can enable gate access, authorize fueling, and automate weighing operations, while allowing all associated record-keeping to be automated.

Benefits of using GAO RFID Systems include: faster and more accurate vehicle check-in, re-fueling, weighing, maintenance, and check-out, tracking the location of cabs, trailers, and other fleet vehicles within the RFID-enabled parking lots, maintenance depot, and storage facilities, allow vehicle maintenance to be automatically recorded and tracked, allow a full history of fleet inventory to be maintained and reduces maintenance and record-keeping errors by positively identifying each vehicle entity as operations are being performed.

A complete solution for the Fleet Maintenance asset tracking applications will contain three main RFID components: RFID Tags or Transponders, RFID Readers or Interrogators, and software to collect and manage the RFID data.

The diagram below describes one typical example of deployement for asset tracking for automative.

RFID Product Solution Pyramid

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