RFID Solutions & Applications

General Asset Monitoring

Do you need an easier, more cost-effective way to monitor operational equipment and processes? Would you like to extend this capability to your customers through the products you produce? GAO RFID Asset Tracking can help you monitor real assets and processes, and deal with potential problems proactively to reduce warranty costs.

RFID for Healthcare

Hospitals and the medical care industry in general are adopting asset tracking technology to track equipment, to track patients including baby tracking, to track staff, and to ensure patient’s receive the correct medicines and care – all in an effort to reduce expenses and save patient’s lives. RFID technology is key in increasing these efficiencies.

RFID for Supply Chain

Improve operational performance. Adhere to industry traceability recommendations. Reduce the threat of counterfeit drugs and diversions. The GAO RFID Asset Tracking Solution for Pharmaceutical track and trace uses RFID technology to automatically capture and track the movement of drugs throughout your entire supply chain.

RFID for Car Rental/Dealerships

Key and asset tracking is critical for organizations that manage large fleets of vehicles, especially rental car agencies and car dealers. RFID makes it possible to know where a vehicle is at anytime within a lot and also know the location of the key or at least who had it last. GAO RFID Asset Tracking has the tools to improve operations, increase efficiency, understand inventory utilization and reduce costs. Gone are the days of trying to find a car on the lot or locating a key for a customer or prospect. At a glance you can see what inventory is being used and which vehicles are being test driven.

RFID for Fleet Mainenance

Hands-free technology can enable gate access, authorize fueling, and automate weighing operations, while allowing all associated record-keeping to be automated which allows for efficient collection, tracking, and reporting on operations and maintenance for all vehicles in the depot. The benefits realized are faster and more accurate vehicle check-in, re-fueling, weighing, maintenance, and check-out, tracking the location of cabs, trailers, and other fleet vehicles within the RFID-enabled parking lots, maintenance depot, and storage facilities.

RFID for Asset Tracking and Inventory Management for Warehousing and Retail

Manual asset tracking and inventory management can lead to misplaced products, out-of-stock shelves, and poor reaction to sudden changes in demand and hours of manual labor. Now imagine a warehouse where theft is fully detectable, systems match inventory counts, and trading partner transfers are automated and precise. Imagine you can engage customers by bringing together their preferences, transaction histories and current in-store activities with promotions, stock levels and seasonal events. You may already be introducing RFID at a case and pallet level. Will you be ready for item level RFID in the store?

RFID for Manufacturing

Make more informed decisions about production and inventory. You can use RFID to integrate your business processes and transform your plant floor operations. From body shop to end-of-line testing our solution offers opportunities for inventory management, asset tracking and assembly automation improvements.

RFID for Document Tracking

Most document applications have previously focused on folder tracking. However, there is a growing demand for individual document tracking as well. GAO RFID Asset Tracking has solutions for document and file tracking. It includes RFID labels, one or more RFID readers and document tracking software. GAO's LocateWare software is designed to keep track of documents such as a project file, document file and many others. Books and files can be tracked by the application. Specific improvement can be achieved in the areas of file and folder tracking, evidence tracking, and record tracking.

RFID for Airports

Many airports are utilizing chipless RFID technology that tracks customers and their baggage from arrival to final destination. A number of tracking solutions are being deployed to track a passenger from the time they arrive at the airport and check into a self-service boarding pass kiosk to the time they board an airplane. Baggage, tagged with the chipless RFID sticker, is simultaneously tracked. In addition to tracking customers and baggage, RFID is also being used to track and verify employees and their access to restricted areas. As well, RFID is finding its way into servicing of aircraft and airport vehicles and locating critical equipment.

Asset Tracking for Safety Compliance

Are you responsible for safety, regulatory compliance, and physical security or asset management? GAO RFID Asset Tracking is bringing innovative solutions to chemical and petroleum industries. Radio frequency identification enables virtual real-time asset tracking for security and accountability, providing increased visibility for employee and contractor safety.

RFID for Aerospace and Defense

Are misplaced parts stalling aircraft production and delivery? Do you have real insight into all the moving parts of your manufacturing processes? Can you easily transfer part identification and maintenance history of routable parts between value chain players?