Easy to Install RFID Door Portal Series

Easy to Install RFID Door Portal Series

Toronto,Canada - GAO RFID Asset Tracking has added a RFID door portal series to its popular product line. The RFID dock door portal series is a durable, easy-to-install appliance that uses the 216004 enterprise RFID reader. This portal series features fast and simple installation and convenient access to AC power, LAN and accessory connections through an easily removable plate on the top of its body.

This RFID door portal series, model 216006, includes a firm and durable steel chassis housing RFID equipment and optional accessories, a high impact industrial plastic cover, a resistant 110 mil steel kick-plate and a secure steel base-plate constitute. It has five optional configurations for selection, most of which contain an RFID reader, circular polarized antennas, an internal power supply and an audible horn. The optional components of the portal series include a light stack and electronic eye presence detector.

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