GAO RFID for Asset Tracking delivers RFID readers or interrogators, RFID tags or transponders, as well as, turnkey RFID solutions that consist of highly integrated hardware and software and professional services. These professional services include 'proof-of-concept', systems integration and 'prototyping' services. Our team of experienced technology professionals has a mandate to recognize and understand your business's RFID needs. With this knowledge, we are able to help you deploy RFID technology that will maximize your ROI right from the start and ensure its expandability as the applications grow through the evolution of the technology (future-proofing).

Application RFID Tags RFID Readers RFID Software
General Asset Tracking Tags Readers Software
Healthcare Tags Readers Software
Supply Chain Tags Readers Software
Car Rental Dealerships Tags Readers Software
Fleet Maintenance Tags Readers Software
Inventory Management /Warehousing Tags Readers Software
Manufacturing Tags Readers Software
Document Tracking Tags Readers Software
Airports Tags Readers Software
Walmart, DoD, Safety Compliance Tags Readers Software
Aerospace Tags Readers Software

Please visit these pages and see which of these RFID products and solutions serves your needs. We are happy to customize or develop to satisfy your unique business requirements.

To find out more on how GAO RFID can help you use or Inquiry Form to send us a request for more information, email or call us at (416) 292-0038, ext. 601. We will be very happy to assist you in building your business for greater profits and help you keep a leg up on your competition.