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This 4-port RFID reader is connected via Ethernet and uses PoE as a power source. The UHF EPC Gen 2 Class 1 reader provides a long read range of 12 meters with Dogbone tags as well as a high read rate of 300 tags per second. High performance combined with affordable pricing makes the compact RFID reader one of the best solutions in the industry. It has been widely used in many RFID application systems such as logistics, access control and industrial production process control systems.

Key Features

  • 4 antenna ports
  • Long read range of 12 meters depending on tag
  • High read rate 300 tags/second
  • Dense reader mode available
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Best price/performance ratio


  • Retail jewelry
  • Asset management
  • Logistics
  • Quality control
  • Production line management
  • People tracking
  • Cold chain management
  • Library management

Dimensions272 mm 153 mm25 mm
Weight0.7 Kg
Read RangeUp to 12 meters (tag and antenna dependent)
Read Rate300 tags /second
ProtocolISO18000-6C, EPC UHF Class 1 Gen 2 Dense Reader Mode available (Class 3 Gen 2 compliant)
Frequency RangeOne of the following: 865-868 MHz, 865-867 MHz, 902-928 MHz, 922-928 MHz, 920-925 MHz, 915-922MHz
Output Power30 dBm at RF connector
RF ConnectorsReverse Polarity SMA Jack
External Control2 x GPO and 2 x GPI
EnvironmentOperating Temperature: -20C to 50C (-4F to 122F)
Storage Temperature: -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
Humidity: 95% Non-condensing
UsageIndoor use only, NEMA enclosure box is required for protection in outdoor environment
ConnectivityEthernet, USB, Serial (RS232)
Power SupplyDC supply (12 V, 2.5 A), or use PoE (PoE+ or IEEE802.3at required)
Order Code236031-N
N=1: 865-868 MHz (Europe) & 865-867 MHz (India), N=2: 902-928 MHz (USA), N=4: 922-928 MHz (Taiwan) N=7: 920-925 MHz (China, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong etc.), N=8: 915-922 MHz (Japan)

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