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This adjustable position marker is used to determine exact locations of specially equipped tags. It offers a long read range of 5 meters and can be adjusted depending on loop configurations. When the tag passes the induction loop connected to the position marker, identification data from the position marker is downloaded onto the tag.Depending on the type of tag, current as well as previous IDs and the relative time of passage over the loop are either repeatedly broadcast or they can be read from the tag by a reader at a later time and place. It has the ability to control inductive field limits, and vehicle lane discrimination and direction recognition can be realized. The position marker is typically mounted near the induction loop and remains maintenance-free after setting the original parameters. Protected by its IP66 enclosure, it works well even in difficult environments.

Technical Specifications

Communication Data Inductive Loop
CompatibilityILR i-Q and i-B Tags with Marker feature
Frequency125 kHz
Modulation100% AM
Range (adjustable)Up to 5 m (depending on Loop)
Position Data16 bits (programmable)
Loop CurrentMax. 6 App
Loop AreaMax. 100 m
Loop WidthMin. 1 m
Pass-over VelocityMax. 100 km/h (@ 1 m loop width)
Number of Loops1 (external)
User Interface
Busi-BUS (RS422)
ManualBluetooth, Class 2, SPP Profile
Indicators4 LEDs, bicolor (Run, Loop, Bus, Error)
FeaturesProgrammable Loop ID, adjustable Loop current (range), Loop diagnosis
Supply Voltage10 30 VDC
Power ConsumptionMax. 20 W
Operating temperature-30 C to +55 C / -22 F to +131 F
Storage temperature-40 C to +80 C / -40 F to +176 F
Certification/EMCEN 300 220 (EC); FCC Part 15 (US)
Dimensions94 x 170 x 86 mm
EnclosurePlastic / Aluminium
Weight650 g
Enclosure RatingIP 66
Cable feed2 x M16 feed through

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