RFID GEN2 Reader 865 ~ 868 MHz.

RFID GEN2 Reader 865 ~ 868 MHz. --Request Further Information About this Product

RFID GEN2 Reader 865 ~ 868 MHz. --Overview:

Heavy duty industrial reader with listen before talk port (LBT) that can handle 1 to 4 read antennae with a capacity of 400 or more tags read at a time. Software included provides extensive control over reader capabilities and behavior, full antenna behavior control, an optional I/O control module and a full spectrum analyzer. Also included is a reader diagnostic tool. This unit is ideal in industrial applications where high read rates are required such as portals or loading dock doorways. One and two antenna configurations will manage most conveyor and container tracking requirements.

RFID GEN2 Reader 865 ~ 868 MHz. --Application Usage:

Warehousing, Distribution, Shop floor,

RFID GEN2 Reader 865 ~ 868 MHz. --Specifications:

Display:4 LED's
Power requirements:12 ~ 24 VDC, 60W 2.5A maximum
Communications Interface: RS232, 10/100 Ethernet Digital I/O
Frequency: 860~868 MHz (UHF-Ultra High Frequency).
Power:10 mW ? 1W conducted (30 dBm)
Read Write Distance:Read 0 ~ 7 M, write 0 ~ 4 M
Technical Certificates: ETSI, ISO 18000-6B, ISO 18000-6C
Antenna Connections:4 + 1 listening port
Dimensions:L 300 mm X W 220 mm X H 56 mm
Weight:~ 3.0 Kg.
Operating Specifications:Waterproof and dustproof
Operating Temperature: -20C ~+55C
Storage Temperature: -40C ~ +85C
Humidity: 5~ 95 % relative
Max read quantity:400+ tags/sec
Antenna Compatibility:Linear or Circular polarized antenna
Antenna Connection:RP SMA
Transponder Compatibility:EPC Class 1 Gen 1, EPC UHF Gen 2
Additional Information:Optional Global Bandwidth 860 ~ 960 MHz # 236003G
Optional US Bandwidth 902 ~ 928 MHz. # 236003
Built in listening port antenna optional, WiFi 802.11 optional,
Optional digital I/O Module Controller

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