This high performance, integrated RFID portal Reader combines an industry-leading EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 RFID reader with a highly innovative Dual-Linear Phased Array (DLPA) antenna to create a sleek, small form factor, light weight and easy-to-install package. The high performance portal is meant for use in doorways, hallways or docks, and can also provide general zone coverage, for applications in offices, institutions such as healthcare facilities, for retail, or for attendance or access control applications and is ideal for monitoring pallets, equipment, files or people.

A pioneering feature of this portal is the ability of the RFID reader to automatically optimize the reader’s operation for best read results in its current environment and to continuously make adjustments in a changing environment so that results remain optimal. Further, the reader employs dynamic antenna switching which allows it to determine tag location and orientation and automatically focus more attention to where the tags are actually located, thus allowing for greater efficiency and throughput.

In addition to the compact size, the integrated RFID portal Reader supports Power-over-Ethernet, (PoE) providing further cost savings and ease of deployment. Multiple mounting options are provided including keyhole slots, clearance holes, and threaded fasteners for a standard, off-the-shelf VESA mount that are used with flat screen TV mounting brackets or stands.

  • Includes industry-leading RFID reader
  • Uses highly innovative Dual-Linear Phased Array (DLPA) for optimal tag visibility
  • Beam switching and polarization attributes are dynamically managed by the reader, providing consistent, broad coverage of the read zone
  • Automatically and continuously optimize the reader’s operation for best read results
  • Supports multiple mounting options including keyhole slots, clearance holes and standard VESA MIS-D
  • Sleek, small form factor, light weight and easy-to-install
Technical Specifications

Air Interface Protocols
EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
Supported Regions or Geographies
US, Canada and other regions following US FCC Part 15 regulations (902–928 MHz)
Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208 without LBT regulations (865–868 MHz)
Dual-Linear Phased Array (DLPA) antenna technology
Radiated Power
HPBW (x-z plane)
60o ± 3o (3dB beam width)
HPBW (y-z plane)
80o ± 3o (3dB beam width)
High impact strength, UV, chemical and cleaning solution resistant
Transmit Power
FCC +10 to +28.5 dBm, ETSI +10 to +27.5 dBm
Max Receive Sensitivity
-82 dBm
Application Interface
EPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) v1.0.1
Network Connectivity
10/100BASE-T auto-negotiate (full/half) with auto-sensing MDI/MDX for auto-crossover (RJ-45)
IP Address Configuration
DHCP, Static, or Link local Addressing (LLA) with Multicast DNS (mDNS)
Time Sychronization
Network Time Protocol (NTP)
Management Interfaces
console port, telnet or SSH
EPCglobal Reader Management v1.0.1 Syslog
Reliable Firmware Upgrade
Dual image partitions enable smooth transition to new firmware while the reader is still operating
Scalable upgrade mechanism enabling simultaneous scheduled upgrades of multiple readers
USB Flash Drive
Power Sources
Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af
+24 VDC @ 800 mA via external universal power supply with locking connector—sold separately
Environmental Sealing
Operating Temperature
-20 oC to +50 oC
5% to 95%, non-condensing
Dimensions (H x W x D)
30.5 x 8.75 x 2 in (77.5 x 22.2 x 5 cm)
6.5 lbs (3 kg)
Mounting Options
Keyhole slots, clearance holes, and integrated threaded fasteners (1/4-20 X 1/4")
VESA MIS-D, 100/75, C (M4 x 7 mm thread depth)
Conduit knockouts for easy termination of conduit
Pass-through knockouts on back for data and power cabling
Compliant to European Union directive 2002/95/EC

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