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This 134.2 kHz compact handheld reader is a high performance read device with a user-friendly sleek design and is well suited for applications such as stock breeding, animal control or foodstuff tracking systems. It combines an ISO 11785 RFID reader and an alphanumeric keypad for easy data collection and features a compact design that fits into a shirt pocket. It provides a large Flash memory capacity which can store 5000 tag IDs. In addition, it provides an IP54 protection rating making it suitable for operation under harsh environments.

Key Features

  • HDX (ISO 11784/5), FDX-B (ISO 11784/5), H4002 (optional) compliant
  • Easy and comfortable operation
  • Convenient power management
  • Large backlit display screen
  • Optional TASK mode user-defined configurations
  • Large FLASH memory for 5000 data set
  • External power supply and recharge via APC200 cable or via docking station ADS200
  • Additional integrated Class 2 Bluetooth module only for 222015B

Technical Specifications

Frequency134.2 KHz
Transponder typesHDX compatible (ISO 11784/5)
FDX-B compatible (ISO 11784/5)
H4002 compatible (optional)
Read rangeApprox. 25 cm with HDX transponders of 30 mm
Approx. 18 cm with FDX-B transponders of 30 mm
(Depending on transponder type)
InterfacesUSB with the APC200 or the optional docking station ADS200
Plug for external antenna
Bluetooth Class 2 module concerning
Bluetooth standard 1.2 (222015B only)
Power supply2 x 1.5V AA rechargeable Mignon Batteries
External power supply and recharge via APC200 cable or via docking station ADS200
MemoryFlash for 5000 data set
Operating Temperature-10 C to 60 C
ApprovalsCE, FCC part 15 class A (222015 only), Canada Industry Standard, CCIA, JRC
Protection levelIP 64
Dimensions175 mm x 90 mm x 36 mm
Weight222015 approx. 300 g
222015B approx.350 g

Antenna Option for GAO 222015

External stick antenna

This external stick antenna makes the reading of the tags more convenient whenever it is difficult to go close to the object to read or the tag cannot be seen such as a bolus tag.
Add-on antennas

The add-on antennas can be fixed at the back of the reader and enhance the operation range and thus GAO 222015 can become much more flexible in many applications. With the add-on antennas, one hand operation is possible which makes data capturing with the reader more convenient.

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