Reader for 134 kHz

Application Usage:

Portable RFID reader RISC based processor for Animal Tracking, Transportation, Warehousing, Mobile Service


LCD, backlit, 160 X 128 pixel graphics

Keypad:23 Key

8 Mb Ram, Flash Rom 2Mb +16 Mb expandable to 128Mb

RTC:Real Time Clock for time stamping
Power requirements:Li Batteries for main and backup
Baud rate:2400 ~ 19200 bps N,8,1
Frequency: 125 KHz or 134.2 KHz.. (LF-Low Frequency)
Read Distance:100 mm @ 125KHz or 134.2KHz. 40 mm @ 13.56MHz.
Transponders Supported:ISO 11784/85 protocol FDX, EM 64Bit, HitagS 256
Technical Certificates:

CE, EMC class B


L 200 mm X W 72 mm X H 34 mm

Weight:~ 300g.
Operating Specifications:Operating Temperature: -0C ~+50C
Storage Temperature: -20C ~ +70C
Humidity: 5~95 % relative
Drop test to concrete- 4 feet
Additional Features:

Power adapter 5.6V DC, SDK uTools 2, Wireless Option Bluetooth - 222002a

  • Manufactured by: Gao Research Inc.

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