RFID Active Tag Reader 433.92 MHz.

Antenna NOT included.


The RFID Reader detects the presence of all the RFID Active Tag (HT-05, HT-15 & HT-35) series and compatible RFID Active tags within its reading range and continuously streams the data to the system. The RFID Reader provides 2 types of user interface; RS-232 and RS-485. Can set sensitivity and buzzer control functionality through the supplied software configuration tool. Excellent device for Long Range Asset identification.

Application Usage:

Warehousing, Distribution, Shop floor,


Power requirements:DC 9.0 ~ 15V (Adapter, DC9V) 76mA.
Communications Interface:RS232, RS485
Baud rate:19,200 bps N, 8, 1
Frequency:433.92 MHz (UHF-Ultra High Frequency).
Read Distance:Read ≥ 30 M
Technical Certificates:CE, FCC, ISO/IEC 18000-6B
Dimensions:L 150 mm X W 147 mm X H 40 mm
Weight: ~ 0.450 Kg.
Operating Specifications:Waterproof and dustproof
Operating Temperature: -10C ~+60C
Storage Temperature: -20C ~ +70C
Humidity: : 60 % relative
Multi-Detection: Yes
Antenna Connection:Female Coaxial
Transponder Compatibility:Active RFID tags 8 ~32 bit?s

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