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Overview - Active RFID Asset Tag

This active RFID asset tag is specially designed with multiple outstanding features. It provides various preset transmission intervals so as to enable diverse applications while offering the best battery life spans in the market. It is powered by an internal battery and utilizes an ultra-low power consumption design to ensure a longer battery life at higher rates of transmission than most of active RFID tags. This high performance active RFID tag has a unique omni directional antenna allowing it to be read from all directions. It is can be deployed equally well on metallic and non metallic assets. Its tamper alarm function provides instant notification of unauthorized attempts to remove the tag from an asset.

This asset tag continuously transmits a unique ID number to a compatible reader. Its collision avoidance algorithm reduces loss of data caused by simultaneous transmissions from multiple tags. The tag can be configured to hold standard 26 bit Wiegand numbering.

Key Features - Active RFID Asset Tag

  • Beacon tag transmitting a unique ID & data at pre-set intervals
  • Ultra long-range transmitter
  • Anti-tamper alert option
  • Motion sensor option
  • Rugged IP67 industrial housing
  • Configurable settings include: Site/vendor ID, Tag ID, Tag Age Counter, Various transmission repetition intervals, Tamper Alarm, Collision avoidance algorithm, ultra low power consumption
  • A unique code can be allocated on request. Readers can be set to ignore tags with incorrect site codes.
  • 4.2 billion tag IDs are available per site code
  • The Age Counter allows for advance notification of the end of battery life and for the unique identification for each transmission made by the tag
  • Typical lifespan of 3 years when transmitting at the standard or greater interval
  • IP67 rating providing the highest level of water ingress protection

Technical Specifications - Active RFID Asset Tag

Operating temperature-30C to 60C
Storage temperature-40C to 70C
Humidity5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Size68 x 36 x 16 mm
Weight25 g
Radio Frequency
Transmit Frequency433.92 MHz
Range1 to 100+ meters (actual range is determined by the choice of reader & antenna used to detect the tag and the environment it is used in)
PowerPowered by an internal lithium battery

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