UHF TOSHIBA RFID Enabled Thermal Printer


The RFID printer is a key component for any RFID rollout, whether the project is inventory management, supply chain or manufacturing related. The TOSHIBA B-SX4 & B-SX5 thermal transfer/direct thermal industrial printers provide world leading innovation and reliability. Built with the future in mind, the ?RFID Ready? B-SX printers take the barcode label printer to the next level. Ideal for use in all heavy-duty industries including chemicals, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, electronics and telecom. By teaming up with Toshiba, GAORFID gives you the ability to combine the functionality of RFID with traditional barcode printing.

Features include:

  • High speed printing

  • 32-bit RISC CPU

  • multi ? language support

  • 203 and 306 DPI

  • on?the?fly ribbon saver


Product Datasheet is available here: bsx4_5brch.pdf

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