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Overview 134.2 kHz LF RFID Ear Tag for Animal Tracking

This 134.2 kHz low frequency RFID ear tag is specially designed for animal management and is commonly used for tagging sheep, goats or other similar kinds of animals. It is compliant with ISO 11784/5 FDX-B standard. This tag features a compact size, light weight and high anti-collision capability. It has a lifespan of more than five years.

Key Features 134.2 kHz LF RFID Ear Tag for Animal Tracking

  • Compact size and light weight
  • ISO11784/5 HDX-B compliant
  • High anti-collision

Technical Specifications 134.2 kHz LF RFID Ear Tag for Animal Tracking

Operating Frequency134.2 kHz
ChipsHi tags, EM tags
ColorYellow or Pink
Max Tension300 N
Anti-collisionIEC 68-2-27
ShakingIEC 68-2-6
Supported ProtocolISO 11784/5 FDX-B
Dimensions118 mm * 16.5 mm * 13.3 mm 0.3 mm
MaterialThermoplastic Polyurethane
Life Span>5 years
Operating Temperature-30 C to 85 C

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