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Overview - 433 MHz Active RFID Tag Series

This 433 MHz active RFID tag series feature compact sizes, long read distances, low power consumption, high anti-interference and are dust and water proof. It has RSSI field detection function to assist in asset locating and has a long lifespan. It offers reliable RF signal and communication distances even in unfriendly RF environments. The long range active RFID tag provides a read range of up to 150 m and is well suited for use in personnel identification and location, asset tracking, process monitoring and vehicle management applications.

Key Features - 433 MHz Active RFID Tag Series

  • Long read distance
  • Expandable memory
  • Read-only
  • Anti-collision and anti-tamper
  • Low power consumption and long lifespan
  • RSSI field detection function
  • Low power warning

Applications - 433 MHz Active RFID Tag Series

  • Personnel identification and location
  • Asset tracking
  • Vehicle management
  • Logistics

Technical Specifications - 433 MHz Active RFID Tag Series

Operating Frequency433 MHz
Read DistanceMaximum 150 m in open air
Memory Capacity32 bit (Standard)
Battery Lifespan>5 years (one RF transmission per second), low power warning
Power Down Retention PeriodMore than 10 years
ID Number32 bit
Communication Baud Rate250 kbps
Dimension86 mm 55 mm 4 mm (LWH)
Operation Temperature-20 C to 60 C
Storage Temperature-40 C to 80 C

Options - 433 MHz Active RFID Tag Series

  • 124070A - 433 MHz Active RFID Tag
  • 124070B - 433 MHz Active Anti-tamper RFID Tag
  • 124070C - 433 MHz Active Beaconing RFID Tag

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