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Overview - Passive On Metal, Temperature Resistant UHF Gen 2 RFID Tag Series

The passive UHF Gen 2 RFID tag series are specially designed for mount-on-metal and high-temperature environment applications. They offer precise real-time data collection for identification, tracking, and localization of various assets. Their intelligent use of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology enables a long communication range from either a handheld or fixed RFID reader. High volume of RFID tags can be recognized simultaneously due to their highly advanced anti-collision multi-tag-handling algorithm. These sturdy ultra thin tags offer robust performance at an attractive price point and provide users with a diverse selection of options depending on intended use. Laser printed1D and 2D barcodes and other text are optionally available for the tags.

Passive On Metal, Temperature Resistant UHF Gen 2 RFID Tag Series List

(up to meters)
Temp (°C)
Fixed ReaderHandheld Reader
MetalNon-metalMetal Non-metal
UHF Gen 2US/EU92*16*5.24.5n/a2.5n/a-40 to 85
116431-2UHF Gen 2US/EU92*16*3.1 to 85
116431-3UHF Gen 2US/EU148*18* to 85
116431-4UHF Gen 2US/EU148*18* to 85
116431-5UHF Gen 2US/EU75*16* to 85
UHF Gen 2US/EU75*16*6.34.5n/a2.5n/a-40 to 85
116431-7UHF Gen 2US/EU75*16* to 85
UHF Gen 2US/EU148*18*7.17.0n/a4.0n/a-40 to 80

Technical Specifications - Passive On Metal, Temperature Resistant UHF Gen 2 RFID Tag Series

Basic information
Silicon chipAlien Higgs3
Chip memoryEPC 96 bits (Extensible to 512 bits) | User 512 bits | TID 64 bits | CRC 32 bits
MaterialGlass fiber - PCB FR4
AntennaGold plated etched copper
RoHS100% compliant
Warranty18 months
Applied fieldsIT& electronics, Chemical and medical assets, Tools, Various assets, W.I.P. in various industries, Returnable metal pallets and boxes, Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding etc.
Applied countriesUS, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Korea,, Italy,Turkey,Indonesia, etc.
IP ClassificationIP68 (tested for 24hrs in 1meter depth)
Humidity85°C/85%RH (tested for 168hrs)
PressureTested with 50 trials x 1 kilogram iron ball free falling on tag
ChemicalsSalt water (salinity 10%, 24hrs) | NaOH (10%, pH13, 24hrs) | Sulfuric acid (10%, pH2, 24hrs) | Motor oil (24hrs) | Methanol (24hrs) | Ethanol (24hrs) | etc.
Attaching method (Please note that magnet cannot attach on aluminum and stainless steel.)
Backing adhesive tape3M 468MP
For >150°C application, other adhesive tape will be suggested.
GlueCemedine Super X (Japan) or Loctite’s epoxy glue
Metal fastenerMetal or non metal bolt or screw with size M3
Metal bracketStainless steel bracket (for welding) or aluminum
Added service
Chip pre-programmingCode Decimal, Hex, ASCII
Customized labelingHuman readable text& variable code, barcode (1D& 2D), Multi color
Laser markingHuman readable text& variable code, barcode (1D& 2D)
Direct printingHuman readable fixed text& code, Multi color
Sample& order
Sample3 pcs sent within 24 hours for free with collectible freight
Ordering informationPlease specify which version (US or EUR) and which attaching methods and added services you want.
Order fulfillmentOrder will be fulfilled within periods as below, as per quantity.
<1,000pcs Usually 3 days
>1,000pcs Usually 2 weeks
> 10,000pcs Usually 4 weeks
PaymentIn principle, NET30days by bank wire transfer, PAYPAL or MONEYBOOKER.

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