125 KHz. RFID LF Handheld Reader with Wireless Transmission


With this highly reliable design, users can easily carrythis handheld readerfor various purposes such as security tour, logistic, ticketing, etc:

  • Non-key operation, Intelligently reading tags once approaching it
  • Retrieving data without connecting the cradle, and with zero power consumption for transmission recording
  • Lasting 2 years if scanning card for 200 times a day and user can replace the battery by him
  • Super Water and shock resistance, it is able to read tags under water
  • Powered by USB port

  • Specifications:

    Memory:30716 records
    Display:LED indication
    Power:3V lithium battery with 2 years of service time
    Communication Interface:Wireless Inductive
    Operating Temperature:-20 C -- 60 C
    Storage Temperature:-40 C -- 70 C
    IP Rating:67
    Scan Distance:0-6cm
    Reading standards:EM 64bits
    Operating Humidity0% - 95%

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