Overview 125 kHz Passive Encapsulated RFID Tag

This easy to use encapsulated RFID tag offers a read range of 2 to 6 cm. It is compliant with EM4100 or other compatible standards. This tag can operate under harsh environments and is resistant to shock, salt water, alcohol and oil. This passive low frequency RFID tag is designed for applications including logistics, anti-counterfeiting, and access control.

Key Features 125 kHz Passive Encapsulated RFID Tag

  • Compact size, light weight
  • EM4100 compliant
  • Can be attached to object or placed on object
  • Resistant to harsh environments
  • Contactless read only

Applications 125 kHz Passive Encapsulated RFID Tag

  • Logistics
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Access Control

Technical Specifications 125 kHz Passive Encapsulated RFID Tag

TypeContactless Read Only
Operating Frequency125 6 kHz. (LF - Low Frequency)
Data Coding TypeManchester, Biphase, PSK
Tested Read Range2 cm to 6 cm
Max read quantity1 tags/sec
Available SizesDiameter : Φ30 mm 3.5 mm; Φ30 mm 5 mm
Weight1.0 g
ComplianceEM4100 or other compatible RFID tags
Operating SpecificationsWaterproof; resistant to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil, 10%HCL; Ammonia; shock and vibration
Operating Temperature-40 C to 85 C
Storage Temperature- 55 C to 100 C

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