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The high frequency desktop reader/writer is compatible with ISO14443A/B and ISO15693 protocols and is equipped with multiple optional interfaces including an RS232 serial interface, a USB interface and a TCP/IP Network interface or a WiFi wireless communication interface offered to meet different application needs. The reader/writer can be used in a wide range of smart card management application systems.

Key Features

  • Reads and writes NFC labels
  • Compatible with ISO14443A/B, ISO15693 and ISO18092 standards
  • WiFi or TCP/IP (PoE) communication
  • HID compatible
  • Buzzer and a bi-colored LED indicator

Typical Applications

  • Access Control
  • Customer Benefit Programs
  • Ticketing
  • General Smart Card Management Systems

Technical Specifications

Frequency13.56 MHz
Baud Rate9600 to 115200 bit/s(configurable, default rate: 9600)
Communication Interface(selectable)RS232
TCP/IP (PoE) + WiFi
Supported Tag ProtocolISO/IEC 14443-A/B, ISO/IEC 15693,ISO 18092
Read Distance> 5cm (tag dependent)
Supported CardNFC, Mifare S50/S70/Ultralight, Mifare Pro, AT88RF020,66CL160S, SR176, SRIX4K,I-code 2, TI RFID Tag-it HF-I
Size100 mm 100 mm 27 mm
Source5 V
Operating Temperature-10C to 70C

Available Models*

233018-T-XTCP/IP interface (PoE) +WiFi
233018-H-XHID interface
233018-U-XUSB interface
233018-S-XRS232 interface

* The letter X above indicates the protocol required as follows:
EISO14443A/B and ISO15693

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