The high performance reader module is integrated with Unitech RH767 rugged mobile computer. Now it is a dual RFID and barcode reader that features the very latest technology to optimize data collection capabilities now and in the future. Its compact, lightweight design will keep your workforce mobile and agile even with the changing technology demands of your customers and suppliers.


Access control, Asset tracking, Warehouse Management, and Livestock tagging etc.

Major parts includes:

HF RFID Mobile Computer w/ Gun Grip, Wireless 802.11b/g, 1D Laser, CE 5.0, Bluetooth Enabled, 64MB Flash ROM, 64MB RAM, 36 Keys, Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery 1850mAh 7.4V, AC Power Supply, USB Communication & Charging Cable, CD-ROM with Manuals & SDK

Reader Specification:



Power Output:

1 Walt



Reading Distance:

1.5m~1.8m tag dependent

Tag Support:

EPC Class 0, 0+, 1 & Gen2

Data Rate:

Up to 640 kbps

Multiple tag reading:

Yes ( Anti-collision )

Mobile Computer:

Operating System:

Windows CE 5.0 Professional Plus


Intel Processor 400MHz


SDRAM: 64MB, Flash ROM: 64MB

LED Indicator:

Dual color (green/red)


240 x 320 reflective TFT color LCD, backlit, touch screen


Backlit, 36 hard keys, alphanumeric, function keys Navigation/cursor keys, 2 side buttons for scanner trigger

Input Devices:

Touch screen, stylus, keypad, full alphanumeric software keyboard bar code scanner, and RFID reader.


USB, Infrared, PCMCIA, 1 CF Type 1/Type II slot, Wireless,

Electrical Source:

12V DC external adapter, 2A

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack @7.4V, 5000mAh

Battery life:

UHF model- up to 12 hours; HF model- up to 20 hours


6 hours with charging cable or docking station


7.17" (182 mm) L, 3.46" (88 mm) W, 5.91" (150 mm) D


UHF 26.81g; HF 24.05g

Operating Temperature:

23F to 122F (-5C to 50C)

Storage Temperature:

-4F to 140F (-20 C to 60 C)


5% to 95% RH non-condensing

Environmental Sealing:


Software Support:

Microsoft Biztalk Server R2, Oracle Sensor Edge Server, IBM WCTME

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