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716001 - CF-format

716002 - MH-format

Product Overview

The SkyeModule M9, a tiny ETSI compliant embedded UHF RFID reader module for OEMs, is a high performance, secure, power-efficient solution, embeddable in a broad range of products.

Based on the same Advanced Universal Reader Architecture (AURA) used by all SkyeTek RFID readers, the SkyeModule M9 offers customers investment protection through a flexible, forward-compatible platform that will support future tag protocols, security features, and customized enhancements.


The SkyeModule M9 has been created specifically for several applications that share common requirements for tag support, protocol, performance, and security. The M9 is an ideal solution for:


Handheld Reading/Encoding

Item-Level Inventory Management

Printing and Encoding

Patron Management

Access Control

Asset Management

Software and Security


SkyeTek C API v3.0

SkyeTek Protocol v3

SkyeWare developer interface

Demonstration applications

ReaderWare (RW) Embedded

Tag IQ

Fast Inventory with anti-collision

Field upgradeable firmware

RW Product Authentication

Clone and tamper protection

Counter & time-based policy support

RW Security

Encryption (AES, TDEA)

Digital signature support

Key Derivation Function (KDF)

Pseudo-Random Number Generator


Secure key store

Tag Support


Verified Manufacturers

Alien, STMicro

Alien, STMicro


Fujitsu, NXP, Rafsec

EPC C1G2 / ISO18000-6C

Alien, Atmel, Avery Dennison, Hitachi, Impinj, Omron, Rafsec, TI



862-955 MHz


FCC 15.247 EN 302-208

EN 301-489 EN 61000-4-3

AS/NZS 4268:2003 DGT LP002


MIC 2005-50 RoHS

Current Consumption

Sleep Mode: 5 mA

Idle Mode: 170 mA

Scan Mode: 800mA @ 27 dBm

650mA @ 24 dBm

500mA @ 21 dBm

Physical CF3 MH3

Length: 66 mm 70 mm

Width: 36 mm 53 mm

Height: 5 mm 9 mm

Weight: 10.7 g 12.5 g


Communication Rate

EPC C1G1: slow & fast modes

EPC C1G2 / ISO 18000-6C: 40, 80 kbps

ISO 18000-6B: 40 kbps

Supply Voltage

4.5-5.5 V


Storage Temperature: -30C to 85C

Operating Temperature: -20C to 70C

Air-interface Protocols


EPC C1G2 / ISO 18000-6C

ISO 18000-6B

ISO 18000-6A5

Output Power

Adjustable 10-27 dBm @ 0.1 dB steps

Power Accuracy: 1 dBm

Host Communication

Interfaces/ Data Rates

TTL: 9.6-115.2 kbps

SPI Mode 1: up to 10MHz

USB 2.0 Full Speed: 12 Mb/s

I2C: 100/400 KHz

Antenna Options

50 Ω port with MMCX (female)

VSWR 1.5:1 or lower for best performance

Singulation Performance

Up to 50 tags/second (25-35 typical)

Peripheral I/O Connection

7 programmable GPIO pins CF

4 programmable GPIO pins MH

Read Range

Approx. 3.5m with 6 dBi linearly

polarized antenna

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