Overview - UHF RFID Interrogator CF Card (GAO 227002)

This Compact Flash (CF) RFID Card is a long range interrogator with remarkable performance in identification, tracking and tracing, and localization of assets or people. This UHF card uses an anti-collision algorithm to accurately transmit and receive information to and from a multitude of RFID tags within a read zone of up to 300 feet. The card provides for seamless data acquisition when used in a laptop, handheld or mobile computer. Built-in software enables processing of data, firmware update, and tag communications. Drivers for application development are available for Windows CE/9x/NT/ 2000/XP and Linux.

Features and Benefits - UHF RFID Interrogator CF Card (GAO 227002)

Adjustable output power

Communication range is software adjustable up to 100 m (300 ft).

100-tags/s identification rate

Provides reliable identification of fast-moving objects.

2,000-tags simultaneous identification

Large numbers of tags can be identified virtually simultaneously.

Drivers for different operating systems

Flexible and hardware-independent use.

CF interface

Integrates easily into existing handheld or mobile computers.

Specifications - UHF RFID Interrogator CF Card (GAO 227002)


Beacon tags


Read/write range (adjustable)

Up to 100 m (300 ft)

Read rate ID only

100 tags/s

Read rate 128 bit data

35 tags/s

Multiple tag handling

Up to 2,000 tags in the read zone


Operating Frequency

868 MHz (EU) or 915 MHz (NA) ISM Band


EN 300 220 (EU); FCC part 15 (US); Industry Canada

Data rate (up-/download)

115.2 kbits/s

Number of antennas


Output power

20 dBm to 0 dBm, digitally adjustable


-85 dBm/high sens., -55 dBm/low sens.,
digitally adjustable


Operating system

Drivers for different operating systems
(Windows CE/Win9x/NT/2000/XP and Linux)

User Interfaces

Parallel interface

CF Type 1

Number of status indications

1 LED, bi-color


Input power

Dual 3.3 V & 5 V

Power consumption

≤ 250 mW (50 mA)


CE and EN 300 220


Operating temperature

-20 C to +60 C (-4o F to +140o F)

Storage temperature

-40 C to +80 C (-40o F to +176o F)


90% non-condensing



Standard Type CF Card (55 x 43 x 3.3 / 6 mm)
(2.2 in. x 1.7 in. x 0.13 / 0.24 in.)


ABS / Metal


15 grams (0.53 oz.)

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