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Overview Biometric RFID Terminal

This biometric RFID terminal is equipped with a 630 MHz high speed Multi‐Bio processor and a high definition infrared camera enabling user identification even in dark environments.

This terminal features a large memory capacity and high definition. An optional built‐in 2000 mA backup battery provides 4 hours of continuous operation if the outside power source is unavailable. This device connects to a computer through RS232/RS485 interfaces. Additionally, its optional built‐in Wi‐Fi or GPRS are available for wireless communication.

Key Features Biometric RFID Terminal

  • Authentication methods include fingerprint, facial, RFID and password
  • Ergonomic design, easy operation
  • 4.3" TFT touch screen, simple interface
  • Infrared optical system enables user identification even in dark environments
  • Web‐server management software
  • Optional built‐in backup battery provides extra 4 hours continuous operation
  • Optional built‐in Wi‐Fi or GPRS for wireless communication

Technical Specifications Biometric RFID Terminal

CPUMulti‐Bio 600
CameraHigh Resolution Infrared Camera
Display4.3" TFT touch screen
Face Capacity500
Fingerprint Capacity3000
Logs Capacity100,000
Authentication MethodFingerprint, Password+ Fingerprint, Fingerprint +Facial +
CommunicationTCP/IP, RS232, RS485
Back‐up Battery2000 mA
Optional FunctionsWi‐Fi, GPRS, Serial Printer, Mifare/HID/iClass card,
Wiegand, Work Code
Wiegand SignalOutput
Power Supply12 V 3 A
Verification Speed≤2 s
Operating Temperature0 C to 45 C
Operating Humidity20 % to 80 %

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