Overview - 433 MHZ. RFID Card Tag Active

An internal battery powers the Wavetrend L-series of Active Tags. The Personnel Tag will, for the duration of its life, transmit a Radio Frequency (RF) signal at a pre-set time-interval. The Tag life is estimated at 5 years at a transmission time interval of approximately 1.5 seconds. The lifespan of the Tag ends when the battery life is exhausted. Battery status can be inferred by interrogating the internal Tag Age Counter Value.

The transmitted Tag data includes Customer Site Code (CSC), Tag ID, Tag Age Counter Value, Movement Alarm and Tamper Alarm status.

For protection against adverse environmental conditions, Wavetrend Tags are encapsulated in a moulded ABS plastic case, which is ultrasonically sealed during the manufacturing process.

The Tag can be configured to accommodate Wiegand interfacing.

The Tag has an anti-tamper status that is set whenever the tag is tampered with. This status is not re-settable.

The Tag has an auto wake function. When it is secured with the anti-tamper kit it will automatically ‘wake-up’ after 5 minutes and start transmitting its pre-configured data.

The Tag is generally used for personnel tagging, although it may be used in other applications such as asset monitoring. The mounting and affixing of a Tag depends on the type of application. Wavetrend Tags can be mounted on a variety of items. Where permanent fixing is required VHB double-sided tape is used (Product number L-TA200), otherwise, the tags may be worn on a necklace or clipped to clothing.

This product has certification under Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA); The approval MSHA number is 23-A080018-0. Readers must be enclosed in a NEMA enclosure according to the required mining regulation.

Features - 433 MHZ. RFID Card Tag Active

  • Configurable settings, including Site / Vendor ID, Tag ID, Transmission Repetition Interval and Alarm functions (these are programmed at order placement stage).
  • Low power consumption. Tag life is estimated at 5 years when transmitting at a 1.5 second interval.
  • Housing incorporates a clip-slot for convenient wearing.
  • A Collision avoidance algorithm is used to disperse the transmissions around the mean repetition interval.

Specification - 433 MHZ. RFID Card Tag Active

Operational temperature

-10℃ to 60℃

Storage temperature

-20℃ to 70℃


5% to 90% (non condensing)


86 mm x 54 mm x 5 mm (Slimline Enclosure)


15 grams



Type of material

ABS (ultrasonically sealed) IP 65

Tx Frequency

433 Mhz

Field strength

< 1600 μV/m




Saw Stabilised


Internal Power Lithium Battery

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