Overview — Rugged Handheld RFID Reader/Mobile Computer — The Jett (243004)

This rugged, hand–held mobile computer features a high frequency (13.56MHz) RFID reader and is an ideal solution for any number of vertical markets — asset tracking and inventory management, event attendance or personnel access control, fleet maintenance, in the warehouse or on the hospital floor.

More than just an ordinary RFID tag reader, this rugged hand–held can read and write tag IDs and data blocks, as well as protect the data on compatible transponders for privacy and security purposes using advanced encryption and authentication techniques.

The mobile computer operates under the powerful Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 4.2 OS running on an Intel® XScale® processor. The HF RFID read/write module supports most ISO 14443A, ISO 14443B, and ISO 15693 tags.

This unit further boasts two unique and innovative features of great benefit to the user. Its exceptional antenna allows for the reading of tags, in practically any orientation overcoming problems associated with tag orientation such can be found in supply chain applications. As well, the unit contains a brilliant hardware/software scheme, “Software Defined Radio” (SDR) architecture, which future–proofs the RFID reader allowing support for future tags and protocols via a software upgrade while maintain existing hardware. This represents a great potential cost savings.

This mobile reader is also fully customizable including options for case color, protective bumpers, keypad, logo tag, serial tag, and cables. Furthermore, the reader's fully accessible Compact Flash (CF) slot provides further customization supporting a wide variety of CF–enabled peripheral devices.

Key Features — Rugged Handheld RFID Reader/Mobile Computer — The Jett (243004)

  • Microsoft® Windows® CE. NET 4.2 operating system
  • Marvell® XScale® Processor 200MHz (400MHz optional)
  • 13.56MHz RFID Enabled
  • 64MB SDRAM (30MB+ used for OS)
  • 512MB Compact FLASH built-in (expandable to 4GB)
  • Lithium Battery-backed real-time clock
  • 320 x 240 QVGA–TFT color display
  • IP65 • 1 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications — Rugged Handheld RFID Reader/Mobile Computer — The Jett (243004)


9.84in. (250mm)

Width(display area)

4.75in. (120.7mm)

Width (Keypad area)

3.07in. (46.5m)

Display size (active area)

2.82in. x 2.11in.

Weight W/O Battery

28 ounces (652g)

Weight W/Rechargeable Battery

29.7 ounces (822g)

Weight W/Alkaline Battery

28 ounces (794g)

Display Operating system

320 x 240 pixel QVGA–TFT color (with white LED Backlight)

Touch screen

Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 4.2


Intel® PXA255 XScale® Technology Processor – 200MHz (400MHz optional)

Memory &
Mass Storage

512MB Compact FLASH built-in (expandable to 4GB)

64MB SDRAM (30MB+ used for OS)


One RS–232 Serial Port


Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable batteries 1650 mAh, 7.2V

AA Alkaline batteries (6)

Recharge/Line Power: 11 to 18 VDC, 1.5A

8 hours typical operating time(actual time may vary based on a variety of conditions)


Storage temperature: -20℃ to 70℃ * (no batteries installed)

Operating temperature: -20℃ to 50℃

Charging temperature: 0℃ to 40℃

Humidity: 5% to 95% (non–condensing)

Temp greater than 55℃ dramatically reduces shelf life of battery

Fast charge will not start below 0℃


45–key keypad Standard (15–key and 30–key available)

Custom keypad and graphics available


IP65 Ingress Protection (Independent Lab Tested)

FCC Part 15.225 (15C), Reg. # RYJJETTRFID PLUS Industry

Canada RSS–210 6.2.2(e), 2001

CE ETSI EN 300 330–2, 2001; EN55022, 1998. (CISPR22) Class A; EN55024, 1998; ETSI

EN 301489–1, 2002; ETSI EN 301489–3, 2002

RoHS Compliant

Development Tools

Development Environments

Visual Studio® 2005 ( Visual C#®, VisualC++®, Visual Basic®, Supports .NET CF 2.0)

Visual Studio® .NET 2003 (Visual Basic®.NET, C#®.NET)

embedded C++® 4.0

Software options

Mobile Remote Device Management

Terminal Emulation


1 Year Warranty (extended warranties available)

Optional Configurations — Rugged Handheld RFID Reader/Mobile Computer — The Jett (243004)

Display Options

320 x 240 QVGA–TFT ColorStandard
Touch ScreenStandard

Interface Options

1st Port: RS–232 OnlyStandard
Choice of Port 1 Connection: DE–9 or JETT • connectNo Charge

Power Options

Power SupplyAvailable
Additional Rechargeable Battery PackAvailable
Charging JackAvailable
Replaceable AA Alkaline BatteriesAvailable
Line Power Only ConfigurationContact Factory

Internal Memory Options

64MB SDRAM*Standard
512MB to 4GB Built–in Compact FLASH CardContact Factory
*Approximately 30MB+ utilized for operating system

Operating System & Processor Options

Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 4.2 Operating SystemStandard
Lithium Battery-Backed Real-Time ClockStandard
200MHz Marvell® XScale® ProcessorStandard
400MHz Marvell® XScale® ProcessorAvailable

Case Options

Machined CF Door SlotAvailable
Locked CF Door Slot (Closed with two screws)Standard
Phillips Screwdriver for Locked CF Door Slot (P/N 14170)Available
5 LED IndicatorsStandard
Custom Color LED IndicatorsContact Factory

Keypad Options

Membrane Keypad Overlay:
45–Key Keypad (Standard Graphics)Standard
Custom Membrane Keypad Overlay*Custom
Custom Membrane Keypad Tooling Custom
Custom Membrane Switch ToolingContact Factory
Elastomeric Keypad Overlay:
15-Key, 30-Key or 45-Key Keypad (Standard Graphics)Standard
30-Key Backlit Keypad (Standard Graphics)Available
Custom Elastomeric Keypad*Custom
Custom LED Bezel for Elastomeric Keypad*Custom
Custom Elastomeric Keypad & Bezel ToolingCustom
Custom Elastomeric Switch ToolingContact Factory
Custom Backlit Elastomeric Keypad*Contact Factory
Custom Phosphorescent KeypadContact Factory
*Requires Custom Tooling

Cables & Accessories

15–Foot Straight Cable, 9–Conductor,
JETT • connect/DE–9 Female
15–Foot Straight Cable, 9–Conductor,
JETT • connect/DE–9 Female Molded Connector
15–Foot Coiled Cable, 6–Conductor,
JETT • connect/DE–9 Female
15–Foot Straight Cable, 9–Conductor,
JETT • connect/DE–9 Male
7–Foot Straight Cable, 9–Conductor,
JETT • connect/DE–9 Male

Additional Options


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