Overview UHF RFID Jewelry Tag

This UHF RFID jewelry tag is widely used in the jewelry industry and bullion markets and enables automatic jewelry tracking in retail, wholesale or secured storage applications. It allows users to manage sales and inventory and provides for loss prevention. The jewelry tag has a superb read distance of up to 7 meters. Custom printing is available.

Technical Specifications UHF RFID Jewelry Tag

Physical Parameters
Inlay Size27 mm x 9.7 mm
Standard Size30 mm x 15 mm
MaterialPrintable Paper
Operating Temperature-40C to 65C
Storage Temperature-40C to 85C
Performance Parameters
Operating Frequency860 MHz to 960 MHz
Read Distance5 to 7 meters, depending on operating environment
Other Parameters
RoHScompliant with RoHS standard
Data Retention>10 years
Read/Write Cycles100000
CustomizationLogo and graphic printing

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