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This high performance rugged temperature sensor tag is fully enclosed by a plastic case to meet IP67 standards and is ideally suited for the harshest, coldest and most demanding cold chain applications. Utilizing Battery Powered Passive (BAP) technology, it holds up applications with high water content, low temperatures and orientation issues. The ultra high frequency RFID temperature tag is fully compliant with Class 3 Gen 2 standard and can be read by any Gen 2 compliant reader. It indicates temperature irregularities and battery life status through its LED lights. The tag speeds up the process of temperature monitoring in cold storage rooms, mobile overseas containers, and truck trailers and has the ability to send alerts according to user programmable rules.

Key Features

  • Cold chain temperature monitoring
  • Consistent and reliable read performance when being placed on products with high water content at low temperatures
  • Programmable temperature thresholds and sampling rates ranging from -24°C to 64°Cat 0.25°C resolution
  • Compliant with EPC Gen 2 readers


  • Cold Chain Management
  • Temperature Data Logging
  • Food Inspections
  • Cold Storage Rooms
  • Product Authentication
  • Mobile Overseas Containers
  • Recall Management
  • Cold Chain Transportation
  • Temperature Controlled Pharmaceuticals
  • Living Organic Materials
  • Floral Management
  • Industrial Composites and Chemicals Tracking

Technical Specifications

Dimensions86 × 54 × 14 mm (3.34 × 2.12 × 0.55 in)
Memory352bit EPC, 4bit UID, 3072bit User Memory
Operating Temperature-24 °C to 64 °C (-11 °F to 147 °F)
Temperature Accuracy+/- 0.5 °C
Temperature Resolution0.25 °C
Mode of OperationBattery–Assisted Passive (BAP) EPC Class 3 Gen 2
Operating Frequency860 to 960 MHz
Battery TypeLithium battery
Battery LifeBased on options and usage scenarios
Sampling IntervalUser configurable between 1 second to 2.5 days
AlarmUnder Temperature, Over Temperature, Low Battery
Data Retention> 10 years @ 55°C
IP RatingIP 67

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