TypeContactless Read/Write
Operating FrequencyUS (902-928Mhz) (UHF-Ultra High Frequency)
Capacity96 bit EPC ID
Data Coding TypeEPC Class 1 GEN2
Common UsageHigh performance reading encapsulated tag designed for direct mounting on metallic objects
Standard DeploymentRough and harsh service environments resistant to liquids and metals
Tested Read RangeMaximum 5.7 M write 8.2 M read
Max. read quantity 150 tags/sec
Antenna Size>27 mm X 10 mm (1.06 in X .39 in)
Tag Size150 mm X 25 mm X 4 mm (5.905 in X 0.984 in x .157 in)
Substrate MaterialABS with 3M adhesive strip
Weight16 g
CompliancePhilips UCODE EPC 1.19 Inlay
Regulatory SpecificationsISO18000-6C
Additional FeaturesPhilips UCODEEPC 1.19 Inlay. Optional 1/8 in. one or two hole mounting
Operating SpecificationsWaterproof and dustproof
Resistance to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil, 10%HCL
Shock- Dependant on packaging
Vibration Dependant on packaging
Humidity 40 to 80 % Relative
Temperature:storage at Storge at -40C to 85C, Operating at -25C to 70C

Test results can vary upon on test environment.

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