Overview UHF RFID Fixed Reader

This industrial-class UHF RFID fixed reader is compatible with ISO18000-6C or ISO18000-6B protocols and features simultaneous multi tag reading capability. It is specially designed for logistics management, intelligent transportation and industrial automation identification management.

This UHF RFID fixed reader is easily integrated into supply chain applications including dock door portals and conveyors systems and has 4 mono static antenna ports. The robust software architecture provides a good platform that addresses the needs of deployments of UHF RFID integration. It supports RS232, RJ-45, RS485, two Wiegand channels and trigger input capability. It is encased within an IP54 weatherproof enclosure.

Key Features UHF RFID Fixed Reader

  • Compliant with ISO18000-6C or ISO18000-6B standard
  • Simultaneous multi tag reading capability
  • 4 mono static antenna ports
  • Supports RS232, RJ-45, RS485, two Wiegand channels and trigger input capability

Technical Specifications UHF RFID Fixed Reader

Operating FrequenciesU.S. frequency 902 to 928 MHz (FCC part 15)
European frequency 865 to 868 MHz (ETSI en 302 208)
China frequency 920 to 925 MHz
Japan frequency 952 to 954 MHz
Other multi-national frequency standard (customizable)
Protocol supportISO18000-6C
Antenna8 dBi circularly polarized antenna (built in)
Read/Write Range8 m Read, 4 m Write, dependent upon the transmitter power, antenna type, RFID label type and application environment.
Operating modesMaster and Slave Mode online mode; Timing Mode; Trigger mode
Power InterfaceDC 12 V
Antenna InterfaceSMA (up to 4 external antennas)
Communication interfaceRS-232; Wiegand 26/34/42/18; RS-485;
10/100M Ethernet interface (optional)
Operating Temperature-20 C to 55 C
Storage Temperature-40 C to 70 C
Dimensions230 mm 200 mm 30 mm
Weight1.5 kg
GPIO4 GPIO Signals (can be used as the trigger signal input)
IndicatorsPower (red), Communications (yellow), Read (green), Antenna detection (yellow)
Development KitAPI application development kit and VC routines
Protection DegreeIP 54

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