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Overview 134.2 kHz Long Range RFID Reader

This 134.2 kHz long range RFID reader is widely used in animal tracking, logistics and access control. It is compliant with ISO11784/ISO11785 standard and offers a good read range of 45 cm to 55 cm. With ESD protection, this low frequency RFID reader is tailored specially for continuous operation in harsh environments. In addition, it is equipped with RS232, RS485 and UART interfaces for data transfer.

Key Features 134.2 kHz Long Range RFID Reader

  • ESD protection and high stability
  • Compliant with ISO11784/ ISO11785 standards
  • Able to read EM4305, S256 and T5577 with a good read range of 45 cm to 55 cm
  • Performs well even in the worst conditions

Applications 134.2 kHz Long Range RFID Reader

  • Logistics
  • Animal tracking
  • Food tracking
  • Parking control

Technical Specifications 134.2 kHz Long Range RFID Reader

Frequency134.2 kHz
InterfaceRS232, RS485, UART
Read Distance45 cm to 55 cm
Current< 150 mA
Power15 V
Dimension260 mm 260 mm 35 mm
Operating Temperature-10 C to 50 C
Storage Temperature-30 C to 70 C

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