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This handheld mobile computer combines the functions of a UHF RFID reader and a 1D/2D Barcode Scanner. It also incorporates WCDMA (HSUPA)/EDGE/GSM/GPRS communications, Bluetooth v2.0, integrated A-GPS and WLAN connectivity. It possesses many features including 3.5 inch high definition touch screen and large memory capacity. It is compliant with ISO18000-6C Class 1 Gen 2 standard and operates under Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.5 operating systems. In addition, its IP54 sealing offers complete protection against dust and splashing liquids.

Key Features

  • Compliant with ISO18000-6C Class 1 Gen 2 standard
  • 256 MB RAM and up to 2 GB ROM Flash
  • Provides WLAN connectivity function in offices and in hot spots
  • Bluetooth Ver 2.0 interface
  • Operates under Windows CE 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.5 systems
  • Handheld design, easy to carry

Technical Specifications

OSMS Windows CE 5.0 (Option: MS Windows Mobile 6.5)
CPUMarvell PXA-320 806 MHz
DisplaySize3.5" inch
Resolution240*320 QVGA (Option: 480*640 VGA)
Color262K colors
Luminance of White350cd/m2
Touch PanelSupport
MemoryROMNAND Flash 512 MB (Option: up to 2GB)
I/OKeysNumeric 32 keys (Option: QWERTY 47 keys)+ Trigger 1 Key
USIM1 slot
External MemoryMicro SD card slot
PowerBatteryMain: 4000 mAh
Gun: 2600 mAh
EnvironmentOperating Temperature-10 C to 60 C
Storage Temperature-20 C to 70 C
Charging Time5 h
ApprovalCE, FCC, KC, DROP 1.5 m at 6 sides 2 times, IP54
PeripheralCommunicationWCDMA (HSUPA)/EDGE/GSM/GPRS
BluetoothVer2.0 + EDR
WLAN802.11 b.g.n (Option: 802.11 a.b.g)
Camera3.0 M Pixel with Flash light
Barcode Scanner1D Barcode (Option: 2D Imager)
RFIDUHF(900MHz) RFIDISO 18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Frequency 865 to 928 MHz
Reading Range: 0 to 500 cm
SizeSize75 mm * 129 mm * 174 mm
Weight522 g (incl. standard battery)

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