Overview High Frequency (HF) PDA CF RFID Reader/Writer

This small compact flash unit is designed to read and write Mifare MF1 tags which can be used for numerous close proximity applications. Some of the more common uses of this CF device are for writing tags that would be used for time and attendance, guard tour patrol, and access control Tags. The readers small form factor and portable nature facilitates the interrogation of RFID tags deployed in numerous locations.

This reader/writer features low power consumption, light weight and a compact size. It has a maximum read distance of 3cm and has a baud rate of 19200bps. The RFID reader/writer has a built-in antenna and is power from the device it is inserted into such as a PDA. It conducts omni- directional tag reading.

Technical Specifications High Frequency (HF) PDA CF RFID Reader/Writer

Power requirementsCF connector from PDA
HousingCF Card Type 1
Baud rate19200 bps 8,N,1, no flow control
Data structureSTX, DATA, CR, LF
Frequency13.56MHz, ASK
PowerLess than 5mA
Read distance3cm at maximum
Technical certificatesCE, FCC
Humidity10% to 90% relative
Multi- detection:Yes
Antenna compatibility:None required
Technical certificatesISO 14443A
Operating temperature-10C to 60 C
Storage temperature-20C to 65C
Dimensions69.0mm 55.0mm 9.6mm with cover

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