Antenna for 902 ~ 928 MHz. US


Regulatory Compliance RoHS, CE 0682
Frequency Range 902-928 MHz
Gain 12.5 dBi (min)
VSWR 1.7 : 1 (max)
3 dB Beamwidth 42(typ)
Polarization Linear (Vertical or Horizontal)
Sidelobes Level -19dB (max)
Cross Polarization -20dB (max)
F/B Ratio -24dB
Input Impedance 50 (ohm)
Input Power 6W (max)
Lighting Protection DC Grounded
Dimensions(LxWxD) 450x450x36mm (max)
Weight 3(kg) (max)
Connector N-type Female
RADOME Plastic
Base Plate Aluminum with chemical conversion coating
Operating Temperature -55C ~ +71C
IP Rating 67

Antenna Compatibility: Any 902 ~ 928 MHz. Reader

Antenna Connection: N-type Female

Transponder Compatibility: EPC G2, ISO18000 6B

Additional Features: No Cable supplied. 6 Meter cables available as stock item.Other lengths are custom built.

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