The L-AN200 433 MHz Wavetrend stub antenna has been designed for optimal RF receiving performance with the Wavetrend reader range. This antenna attaches to the reader via a BNC(M) connector.

This antenna has an omni-directional reception pattern around the vertical axis with null points being at the extreme ends of the stub.

The antenna is housed in a rugged waterproof rubber mould that is UV resistant and can be used outdoors.



87 mm x 15 mm tapered to 6 mm diameter


UV resistant black rubber coating


≤ 22 gram

Temperature Range

- 40 C to + 70 C

Environmental Specification

Conforms to ETS 300 019

Antenna type

Eighth wave Whip

Frequency band

400 MHz to 450 MHz

Gain at connector

-3 dBi (With reference to a 1/8 wave ground plane)


< 1.5 : 1


50 Ohms

Maximum power

100 W



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