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This passive UHF RFID paper tag operates over a frequency range of 902 MHz to 928 MHz. Compliant with ISO18000-6C Class 1 Gen 2 protocol, this high performance tag boasts a long reading distance of up to 9 m when used with far field readers. It also allows easy parking lot vehicle entrance control and authentication. This passive RFID tag is specially optimized for mounting on the inside of vehicle windshields.

Key Features

  • Optimized for windshields of cars, buses and trucks
  • Compliant with ISO18000-6C Class 1 Gen 2 protocol
  • Offers a long read range of up to 9 meters
  • Compact size, light weight

Technical Specifications

Mode of operationPassive (battery free)
Frequency Range902 to 928 MHz, other frequency bands available on request
ProtocolISO18000-6C, EPC Protocol: UHF Class 1 Gen 2
Read Range9 meters with fixed reader and antenna
8 meters with integrated reader
MountingSelf Adhesive
MemoryFor Higgs3 based version: 96 bits Bank 1 R/W, 96 bits Bank 2 with 64 bits UID, 512 bits Bank3 R/W
Quality assurance100% read tested
Operation Temperature-40 C to 85 C (-40 F to 149 F)
Storage Temperature-40 C to 85 C (-40 F to 185 F)
Humidity0% to 100% RH, condensing when covered with PI sheet
MaterialPaper label covering
Dimensions111 mm x 64 mm x 0.4 mm

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