2.45GHz (UHF-Ultra High Frequency) GAOCard Active Tag

2.45GHz (UHF-Ultra High Frequency) GAOCard Active Tag - Request Further Information About this Product

2.45GHz (UHF-Ultra High Frequency) GAOCard Active Tag - Overview:

The Microwave 2.45 GHz GAOCard type Active Tag is used to identify and/or perform micro-localization of items or persons; it is built around an innovative 0.18 um low-power CMOS integrated circuit. This high scale of integration allows for very compact and low-power performance .Up to 4 years battery lifetime is achieved without sacrificing reading range.

2.45GHz (UHF-Ultra High Frequency) GAOCard Active Tag - Application Usage:

Security, Asset Management, Manufacturing, and Vehicle Management

2.45GHz (UHF-Ultra High Frequency) GAOCard Active Tag - Specifications:

Frequency:2.4GHz――2.5GHz (UHF-Ultra High Frequency) ISM
Weight:~ 550g.
Modulation: GFSK
Power:12 ~18uA, 3V
Anti-collision:100 tags are read simultaneously
Operation: Read only
Battery:4 years
Dimensions:Card, 85.5mm x 54mm x 4mm

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