865-928 MHz Gen2 Survivor Tag - Passive Model: 116406

865-928 MHz Gen2 Survivor Tag - Passive Model: 116406 --Request Further Information About this Product

Survivor for industrial and logistics applications:

The unique features of Survivor form a clever instrument for industrial and logistics applications.

Survivor is suitable for returnable transit items and contents of any kind. It can be mounted to any surface, including metal, which is usually an insurmountable obstacle for the using passive RFID.

Survivor exploits the technology of passive RFID to its fullest potential, offering the longest read distance in the market. The requirements for high-speed tag reading are met through C1G2 protocol compliance.

The design and material choices enable a maximal product life span. The encapsulations is made of high-impact polystyrene or ABS, which are generally applied to consumer products in the automotive and electronics industries. The mechanical design is based on profound experience in plastics packaging of demanding applications and high-volume production.

With its durability, Survivor brings about the lowest tagging cost in the marker.

865-928 MHz Gen2 Survivor Tag - Passive Model: 116406 --Product description:
Dimensions 224248mm / in
Frequency range860-960MHz
Communication protocolEPC Class 1 Gen 2
Read range5-7m / 13-20 ft
IC an memory size96-bit EPC Impinj Monza / 512-bit EPC NXP G2
Encapsulation materialHIPS / ABS / ABS/PC
Ambient temperature -20℃to +80℃
IP Classification IP68 (IE60529)
Mounting Adhesive / Mechanical

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