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Active Beaconing RFID Label

Active Beaconing RFID Tag

Active Beaconing RFID Tag - Request Further Information About this Product

Active Beaconing RFID Tag - Description:

This new 2.4GHz Active Beaconing RFID Tag is especially useful in asset locating & tracking and warehouse inventory management. Because it is an active tag, long-range tracking of up to 30 meters (98 feet) is obtainable. In a typical application, a user would locate the area of the asset from a computer report with the ID for the specific item, and once the tag receives the readerís signal the built in LED will flash. The RFID Tag is also designed to be tamper proof and sounds an alarm if someone tries to dislodge it.

Active Beaconing RFID Tag - Features:

  • Good for On-Metal Applications
  • Reliable RF signal and communication distance even in harsh environments
  • Tamper-proof with alarm
  • 2.45GHz Microwave frequency
  • 100-tag/s identification rate, 2,000 tag management in RF field
  • Transmits ID every 2 seconds
  • Reader communication is bi-directional providing two commands: Addressing command and Stop Addressing Command.

Active Beaconing RFID Tag - Technical Specifications:



2.45 GHz, ISM band

Transmitter? range

Up to 30 meters (free environment)



Communication protocol

Proprietary protocol

Communication mode


Data rate

1 Mbps


100 tags per second


Electrical current

15 μA

Output power

0 dBm

Battery life

1 year, replaceable



51*26*8.4 mm




25 g



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