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UHF 902MHz. Gen 2 Mini Metal RFID Tag Passive 902MHz Gen 2 Mini Metal RFID Tag : RFID readers, RFID tags, RFID solutions

Overview UHF 902MHz. Gen 2 Mini Metal RFID Tag

This tag is specially designed for use in applications where small form factor combined with extreme conditions are encountered. The tag survives high temperatures of up to 200C and is resistant to hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, alkali, alcohol and machining oil. It is excellent for use on metals, wood and plastic pallets and metallic molds.

Technical Specifications UHF 902MHz. Gen 2 Mini Metal RFID Tag

Contactless Read/Write
Operating frequency
US (902 to 928MHz) (UHF-Ultra High Frequency)
96 bit EPC ID
Data coding type
EPC Class 1 GEN2
Tested read range
3m read/write(maximum)
Max. read quantity
150 tags/sec
28.55mm 28.55mm 3.25mm
Substrate material
ABS with 3M adhesive
Operating specifications
Waterproof and dustproof
40% to 80% Relative
Storage temperature
-40C to 85C
Operating temperature
-25C to 70C

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