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Overview - High Frequency RFID Reader for Various Cards

This high frequency configurable RFID reader is specially designed to support various types of high frequency cards. It offers a simple yet powerful solution for customers to reduce inventory overheads. With this configurable reader, users may set up transferring baud rate and output interface as well as output data size, format, and type. This high frequency RFID reader provides a wide range of compatibility and the ability for flexible modification making it an excellent choice for use in access control, data collection, time attendance and registration systems.

Key Features - High Frequency RFID Reader for Various Cards

  • Supported card types: ISO 14443A & B, ISO 15693 and 13.56MHz HID iCLass
  • Supported output interface: Wiegand, TK2 and RS232
  • Supported baud rate: 2400bps to 115200bps
  • Enable/Disable any type of card reading
  • Energy saving mode: LEDs off while in standby
  • Selectable UID bits to output value

Applications - High Frequency RFID Reader for Various Cards

  • Access control system
  • Data collection system
  • Time attendance system
  • Registration system

Technical Specifications - High Frequency RFID Reader for Various Cards

Voltage12 V
Consumed Power12 V at 160 mA
Frequency13.56 MHz
Dimensions (mm)105 105 20.74 (LWH)
Weight320 g
Operating Temperature-10 C to 60 C
Operating Humidity10 to 90% relative
Host Communication InterfaceWiegand, RS232, ABA TK2
Card TypeISO 14443A/B

Pin Assignment - High Frequency RFID Reader for Various Cards

RedPower 12 Volt
YellowRS232 Tx
BlueRS232 Rx
GreenData (Magstripe); Data0 (Wiegand)
WhiteClock (Magstripe); Data1 (Wiegand)
OrangeCard Present (Magstripe); Floating (Wiegand)
BrownReboot or I/O
BlackGround 0 Volt

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