Overview - Single-Sided Extended Height RFID Portal

This a single-sided extended height portal accommodates heights up to 96 inches coming and contains one GAO 216004 Enterprise Reader and four circular polarized antenna (326008). It is a durable and easy-to-install portal appliance. Sleek in appearance, the portal consists of a firm and durable steel chassis housing RFID electronics and optional accessories, a high impact industrial plastic cover, a resistant 3/16-inch steel kick-plate, and a secure steel base-plate. Optional components include light stack, and electric eye presence detector.

This product features fast and simple installation and convenient access to AC power, LAN and accessory connections through an easily removable plate on top of the body.

Specifications - Single-Sided Extended Height RFID Portal

Supported Readers

GAO 216004 Enterprise Reader


Operation: -20 to +50℃
Storage: -40 to +70℃

RF Output

902-928 MHz, 4 Watt EIRP


Ethernet, Internet Protocol, optional 802.11 b/g


119 mil steel chassis; 187 mil steel kickplate, 250 mil ABS covers

Dust & Moisture



110-125 AC, 2A, 60 Hz


UL69050, CSA 22.2/60950; TUV NRTL certified


FCC 47 CFR Part 15, Canada RS210(ALR-9800)


Chassis: 5.5 * 15 * 77; Base plate: 6.5 * 22

Recommended Pallet Height

Single height: 80 inches; double height: 96 inches

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