Overview - UHF 902 MHz RFID Antenna Circular Polarization Indoor

The UHF 900 MHz antenna is waterproof and easy to install with the 4 port Gen 2 fixed reader. It can also be used with any application that requires a circular polarization for transponder reading/excitation. VSWR is typically less than 1.2:1 giving it a return loss better than 20 dB.

Technical Specifications - UHF 902 MHz. RFID Antenna Circular Polarization Indoor

Polarize style
Circular polarization
Operating Frequency
902 MHz to 928 MHz
Center Frequency
915 MHz
7 dBi 1 dBi
< 1.3:1 (902 MHz to 928 MHz)
Natural impedance
50 Ω
Maximum Power
10 W
245 mm 235 mm 40 mm
470 g
Case Material
Glass fiber reinforced plastic
Protection Rating
Operating Temperature
-20 C to 70 C
Storage Temperature
-20 C to 70 C
10% to 90% relative

Compatibility - UHF 902 MHz. RFID Antenna Circular Polarization Indoor

  • Antenna Compatibility: Any 902 MHz to 928 MHz. Reader
  • Antenna Connection: N-type Female
  • Transponder Compatibility: EPC G2, ISO18000 6B

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