This new UHF Class 1 Gen 2 compliant RFID label for tire manufacturers is applied to the inside of the tire during the tire building process and is designed to withstand the high heat and pressure required during the tire curing process.

Designed to provide a 3-4meter read range until the tires are mounted on customer vehicles, Cruiser provides tire manufacturers and their trading partners complete end-to-end visibility for these difficult to track high-value items.

Typical applications

Cruiser is typically used for vehicles tire identification. It has been primarily designed for the production to enable wireless tracking of tires while being produced and handled in the supply chain.

Business cases currently under work require fail-safe tracking of tires when moved around in the production facilities and where visual inspection is not reliable enough. The label enables better visibility to the point of sale, especially when new product types are introduced (product launches for season sales).

Product description

Dimensions : 1674mm,thickness 0,3mm ; 0.632.9 inches, thickness 12 mils

Frequency range : 865MHz-928MHz

Communication protocol : EPC Class 1 Gen 2

Read range : 3-4 meters ; 9.8-13 feet

IC and memory size : 96-bit EPC Impinj Monza ; 512-bit EPC NXP UCODE

Process temperature : 0℃ to +160℃ ; +32℉ to +320℉

Reading temperature : -20℃ to +65℃ ; -4℉ to +149℉

Mounting : Adhesive

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