Ironside for demanding industrial applications - 865-928 MHz Gen2 Ironside Tag - Passive

Ironside Gen2 RFID on-metal-tag is developed for demanding industrial applications. This patent pending solution provides totally new benchmark for low-cost passive RFID in its size and durability (IP68) to various customer requirements.

Ironside is the flagship of Special Tag portfolio with fully encapsulated body and high performing UHF tag inside. The tag can be mounted easily on any metallic surfaces either with industrial adhesive or mechanically e.g. pop rivets.

Typical applications - 865-928 MHz Gen2 Ironside Tag - Passive

Petrochemical, automotive and maritime industry

Reliable communication in demanding conditions with varying temperatures and mechanical stress are kaily challenges for any component.


A fully passive UHF solution enables safe way to remote communicate with transported assets and components on board and in ground handling. lronside has passed the rigorous testing requirements for the Aerospace Standard AS578 specification.

Asset tracking

Numerous asset tracking applications require small tag size but several meters of read range.A long-life span of the Ironside makes the cost per use a profit gaining factor sooner than any other product in the market today.

Product description - 865-928 MHz Gen2 Ironside Tag - Passive

Dimensions : 524610mm / inch

Frequency range : 865-868MHz; 902-928MHz

Communication protocol : EPC Class1 Gen2

Read range : 4-6 meters / 13-20 feet

IC an memory size : 96-bit EPC lmpinj Monza / 512-bit EPC NXP G2

Encapsulation material : impact-resistant plastic material

Mounting : Mechanical ; Adhesive

IP Classification : IP68(IEC60529)

Ambient temperature : -40℃ -- +125℃ / -40℉ -- +257℉

Product is ROHS compliant

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