Pino tags are designed to enable cost-efficient and reliable tracking of wooden pallets, one of the main transit item platforms in use globally. The tag is also suitable for identifying similar wooden items from timber to finished structures.

Pino is supplied with the new NXP XM chip, which has together with the EPC-memory also additional memory for user specific information. Typically returnable transit items like wooden pallets require additional data storage to be included with the EPC number. The new chip also provides reliable performance in harsh conditions.

Typical applications - 865-928 MHz Gen2 Pino Tag - Passive

Pino has specifically been designed for wooden objects, ranging from wooden pallets to trees.

In wooden pallet tracking, typically the requirement is to read from one to many pallets when pushed through a TFID portal. Pino has been successfully tested in stacked pallet tracking where the tags have been in the corner blocks enabling visibility to the readers even when handled with forklift trucks.

A new emerging market has grown in the wood industry where several applications benefit of using TFID. From managing the forests by identifying individual tags to securing that protected forests are not exploited.

Product description - 865-928 MHz Gen2 Pino Tag - Passive

Dimensions : 75140.3mm ; 2.950.550.012 inch

Frequency range : 860MHz-960MHz

Communication protocol : EPC Class 1 Generation 2

Read range : appr. 4m / 13 ft

IC and memory size : 96 bit EPC+64 bit Impinj Monaco/64 / 240 bit EPC+512 bit NXP G2XM

Ambient temperature : -20℃ to +85℃ / -4℉ to+185℉

Mounting : Mechanical, installation tool available

Product is RoHS compliant

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