The Halo combines a light-weight and durable housing with industry leading on-metal performance. The product has been designed to be easily attached by adhesive or magnetic tape, and also with cable ties for example to metallic cables or pipes.

Compact in size, Halo is an ideal option for returnable transit items tracking, IT asset warehouse tracking and inventory location applications. With the new Halo sets again new benchmark for cost –efficient on-metal UHF RFID tags.

Typical applications - 865-928 MHz Gen2 Halo Tag - Passive

Halo can be utilized in IT asset tracking where its sleek form factor fits in the often limited exposed areas of enterprise IT servers and equipment. Halo is also ideally suited for use on returnable transit items such as pallets, bins and totes, and to support warehouse management applications, where location tags identify individual shelves, and are read remotely by fork-lift trucks, liberating the user from the line-of-sight requirements of legacy barcode systems.

Product description - 865-928 MHz Gen2 Halo Tag - Passive

Dimensions : 60×14×11.7 mm ; 2.36×0.55×0.46 inch

Frequency range : 865MHz-868MHz ; 902MHz-928MHz

Communication protocol : EPC Class 1 Gen 2

Read range : 4-5 m / 13-16 ft

IC and memory size : 96-bit EPC Impinj Monza ; 512-bit EPC NXP

Encapsulation material : ABS/PC

Ambient temperature : -20℃ to 85℃ / -4℉ to 185℉

IP Classification : IP68 (IEC60529)

Mounting : Adhesive / Mechanical

Product is RoHS compliant >

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