Overview - UHF Gen2 RFID Web Tag

This UHF Gen2 RFID web tag is suitable for item-level apparel and accessory applications and is optimized for inventory management processes and point-of-sale (POS) applications. It features low power consumption and excellent close coupling performance. This small size tag is equipped with Impinj's Monza 3 tag chip and has a 96 bit EPC memory. It can be reliably read/write when tags are in close proximity to each other.

Key Features - UHF Gen2 RFID Web Tag

  • Small size
  • Low energy consumption
  • Suitable for use as an anti-theft component in stores
  • Excellent close coupling performance
  • 96 bit EPC memory

Technical Specifications - UHF Gen2 RFID Web Tag

Operating Frequency
860 MHz to 960 MHz
EPC Class 1 Gen2
EPC Memory Size
96 bit
User Memory Size
Up to 512 bits
Impinj Monza 3
Antenna Size
22 mm x 40 mm / 0.87 in. x 1.58 in.
Die-cut Size
26 mm x 44 mm / 1.02 in. x 1.73 in.
Operating Temperature
-40 C to 85 C / -40 F to 185 F
Bending Diameter
> 50 mm tension max. 10 N
Static Pressure
< 10 MPa
Delivery Format
Wet inlay, dry inlay, paper tag

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